Some simple, but ingenious tips
with big effects:

More driving fun and a great experience
- clever mobility
- sophisticated driving style

Better fuel economy
- less fuel expenses
- higher mileage per liter

Lower environmental impact

- less emissions into the air
- saving of natural resources

More safety in traffic
- expanded scope of action
- less stress



Tip #1: Mobility Mix


Clever change of transport means


Tip #2: Power-full

Checking tyre pressure regularly; a small action can have big effects


Tip #3: Gear up

Riding with low r.p.m. by quick change into the highest appropriate gear


Tip #4: Off is in

Switching off the motor whenever it makes.sense.........


Tip #5: Road Surfing

Foresighted and relaxed floating with the traffic by using the car´s.momentum...


Tip #6: Take it easy

Shedding ballast by removing unnecessecary weight