Some simple, but ingenious tips
with big effects:

More driving fun and a great experience
- clever mobility
- sophisticated driving style

Better fuel economy
- less fuel expenses
- higher mileage per liter

Lower environmental impact

- less emissions into the air
- saving of natural resources

More safety in traffic
- expanded scope of action
- less stress





Tip #1: `Mobility Mix` - Clever change of transport means

A smart mix of all transport modes (‘intermodality’) - motorised and non-motorised, public and private - is an essential step towards sustainable mobility.

Every mode of transport holds specific advantages. Using the whole spectrum of transport modes – motorised and non-motorised, public and private – in a clever way means choosing the most appropriate and efficient form of mobility regarding specific traffic situations and personal transport needs. A clever choice within a mobility mix benefits the individual and, at the same time, the environment.

It's not only smart, but also fun to combine various mobility options like car, motorbike, train, bus, tramway or one´s own power by cycling, kick-boarding, inline-skating or simply walking. Each individual using transport services acts as his or her own mobility manager. By picking the adequate mode of transport according to the length and direction of the trip, the time of the day, the people to be transported, etc., advantages of economical, social and environmental nature are generated.

A complete and clever mobility mix also includes ‘virtual mobility’, as the importance of travelling without physically moving is growing. Telecommunications and web-based technologies offer excellent options for professional and private use. Nowadays, sharing ideas and opinions in virtual meetings, exchanging e-mails, discussing in chat-rooms, holding video-conferences and forms of teleworking from home are state-of-the-art. Huge potentials - also for business - are obviously improving quality of life, saving precious time and increasing efficiency and productivity.

Looking at the transport sector, there are various challenges ahead like congestion, locally and globally relevant emissions and health and safety issues. Also for these reasons, ‘keep on moving’ in future can only be ensured by a well-conducted ‘concert’ of all transport means. The vision of such ‘intermodality’ is based on flexible mobility systems with every transport means playing a specific and important role – though the mix can vary with respect to regional differences. Of course, consumers' clever changes from one transport mode to another need to be facilitated by appropriate infrastructure and technology.

Whenever a car is chosen to be the appropriate transport means at a time, we hold some quite ingenious Greener Driving tips in store for you. These advanced driving techniques will offer you a new driving experience and a variety of useful benefits.
If you want to join creating a future worth living, then go for sustainability by re-thinking your personal mobility habits. Your individual clever change is a small effort with a huge effect. Just try it out!